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Brokering Network Solutions.

It's free to you, the client.  Essentially we take your requests for telecom and datacom services, participate in network design, and provide you with at least three competitive quotes for that service from over twenty world-class carriers.  The choice of vendors we'll offer has a lot to do with your criteria of value for the service, based on the premise that Value = Quality, Reliability, Innovation, Service and Price.  Some carriers can even offer hardware amortization programs that defer upfront costs; and we are constantly 'scanning-the-band' looking for carrier promos that can offer the best priced solutions.

Telecom Auditing & Expense Management - No Up-Front Fees
 - If we find nothing, you pay nothing!

TEM has become an ever increasing component to our clients strategies concerning telecom and datacom networking.  To that extent, we offer a comprehensive cost analysis of all your services.

AUDITING AND TELECOM EXPENSE MANAGEMENT SERVICES – review and analysis of current telecommunication services bills, including local, long distance, wireless, internet access and hosting, private line and data services, as well as equipment maintenance and lease agreements.  For the Voice Services, we'll conduct a thorough traffic study; and from that data we'll apply "Erlang-B with Retrial" algorithms to attain a recommended level of trunks, often reducing costs associated with "over-trunking".

For one of our Premier Clients, MMPI, head-quartered in Chicago, we were able to help them "claw-back"over $175,000 from 4 different carriers in less than a year's time; For Downer's Grove National Bank, we were able to reclaim over $64,000; For Fidelis SeniorCare we were able to reclaim over $18,000 - What kind of savings and how much "errantly billed monies" can we reclaim for you?

TELECOM EXPENSE MANAGEMENT GOALS –  To reduce ongoing network operating costs to the lowest possible level consistent with our Client’s desired optimal quality of service, current average usage and calling patterns; and to correct any billing errors that may result in a credit or refund.

TEM Ongoing Monitoring & Reporting Services: 

After the initial Audit, many of our clients choose to retain TransInfoCom for ongoing monthly monitoring and reporting on telecom and datacom services.  We’ll prepare an exhaustive monthly report looking at all the charges by all the carriers on a line-item basis, and compare these charges to the contracted rates.  When we find variances, we will proactively engage ourselves on your behalf, open up billing tickets with the carrier, and provide timely status to you until full resolution.  We charge an industry standard $125/hour for this service, billed monthly.

Mobile Device Management 

We can also provide Mobile Device Management.  This is a data-base product that allows us to constantly monitor charges for all mobile phones, modems, tablets and other wireless devices. We’re constantly monitoring mobile carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, and SPRINT/Nextel for best possible rates and discount structures to make sure you’re getting the “Best Bang for the Buck”.  Further, we can provide Tier-1 Help-Desk service to your end-users, and act as your Provisioning Agent for all your devices, regardless of carrier.  This service is charged on a determined nominal per/unit/month basis.

IT Consulting and Managed Solutions including IaaS Cloud-type Services

Through Managed Service Providers such as Single Path, Paetec, and X-4 Solutions, we can offer Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) that provide for high availability infrustructure for data transport, storage, disaster recovery, and buisness continuity solutions.  Further we can even provide out-sourcing Exchange Service and other critical applications.


Business Only Broadband Services

The tremendous flexibility and scalability of the HughesNet Satellite Services, and the Business Only Broadband (WiMAN and Wireless Broadband Internet services for the Chicago and New York metropolitan areas) has caused us to see a tremendous uptick in interest for these services as well.  Call us today so that we can review the robust offerings of both of these carriers and service providers for state-of-the-art alternative wireless solutions.

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...Bringing Global Digital Connectivity 
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...Bringing Global Digital Connectivity