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...Bringing Global Digital Connectivity


Why Use TransInfoCom?

We can conduct a thorough Cost Analysis for your company's telecom and datacom services using bill reviews, contract reviews, and traffic analysis tools.

We can bring the added-value of being a no-cost "consultative-broker". We will listen to your needs, help develop the appropriate criteria for our Requests For Quotes from a multitude of vendors and carriers, and participate with the provisioning of the solution.

We can offer High Availability Infrastructure for Data Transport, Storage, Redundant Services, Business Continuity, & Disaster Recovery through managed services and premium colocation services.


When it comes to Telecom Auditing and Expense Management, what sets us apart, and head-&-shoulders over our competitive providers is our strong focus on advocacy on behalf of our clients to world-class carriers and service providers. We are extraordinarily tenacious in pursuit of our clients credits and refunds; a process one of our clients referred to as "Clawing-Back" - and one that has gained the respect of the carriers we deal with.

Our goals are to provide an excellent customer experience with telecom auditing or premier wireline and wireless data transport, local access, long-distance and international voice/data services. We also partner with best-in-class fulfillment providers for the hardware and managed components of the solution.

We've invested heavily in Back-Office services to provide the best provisioning of our carriers' services possible. We've also invested heavily in our CRM and Contract/Order Tracking ASP software to assure quality and "on-time" dependability for the processes.

When teamed with the highest level of skills, professionalism, and product portfolios from our fulfillment partners, we are positioned to provide the most comprehensive and cogent network solutions, at the best possible price points.

Our principles each have over 20 years of experience in providing top-notch voice and data solutions. We've successfully deployed some of the highest quality enterprise networks, including VOIP, Broadband Internet Connectivity, MPLS, Frame-Relay, GigaMan, Muxed DS-3's, ISDN, Micro-cellular, VSAT, and PCS-Broadband, for over 300 clients, many of whom are only too happy to provide excellent references for us.


...Bringing Global Digital Connectivity