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We are a Global IT Consulting, Telecom Brokerage, and Auditing Firm,
serving clients in USA, Canada, Mexico, and the UK.  We're independent telecom and IT datacom brokers providing a rich portfolio of Carrier Service, ISP, and MSP offerings.  Our telecom consultative services are FREE to you - our business model is just like that of an independent Insurance Agent, or an independent Travel Agent - we're compensated by the carrier you choose.  We want you to be assured that you're getting the "Best Bang for the Buck" with the services you select from our portfolio of carriers' offerings. 

We can also provide fee-based services of IT Consulting, Telecom Auditing, and ongoing Telecom Expense Management.
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We'll work with you to develop the solution best tailored to fit your needs and then broker it to the most appropriate carrier and vendor. Through our Managed Service Offerings, we can also provide High Availability Infrastructure for Data Transport, Storage, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery; at the circuit and platform levels.


Bandwidth demand is exploding on all fronts. With the advent of "Cloud-computing", getting the right amount of bandwidth for the access circuits makes all the difference in the quality of the experience; "WiFi Hotspots" and mobile networks are now consuming more data than voice; and end-users are pulling down unprecedented quantities of video. Not only are our customers requiring more bandwidth but the quality of the network needs to continually improve to adequately deliver real-time services like video and VoIP.

Migration to Hosted Services, such as Hosted VoIP, Hosted Data Back-up, Microsoft Office 365, SalesForce CRM, as well as WiFi Hotspots for smart-phones and tablets, are all having a tremendous impact on existing network access infrastructures. The good news is that the cost of bandwidth has been driven down - but how much do you really need? And what about diverse access circuits for separate SIP VoIP and Data VLANS? We have service offerings to address these needs!

Ever wonder if you're really getting the optimal communication services for your money?  What's best for you?...Wireless Broadband?...Hosted and Managed? ...VoIP?  Which broadband makes the most sense?... Cable, T-1, Integrated Access, Bonded T-1's, Ethernet over Fiber or Copper? What about hardware cost implications? Will your carrier help pick-up the tab for you? To these and many more questions, we can provide service offerings and solutions to address these concerns!

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...Bringing Global Digital Connectivity

...Bringing Global Digital Connectivity